The Greater Avon Park Chamber of Commerce is pleased to present our membership directory. We intend for this to serve as a tremendous resource with complete listings of the businesses, services, churches, schools and civic organizations within our community. We ask that you patronize those businesses whose advertising made this directory possible.

Known as the "City of Charm," Avon Park, Florida, is located in the heart of Citrus Country. Avon Park boasts about its numerous pristine lakes, championship golf courses, and its crowned jewel, "The Downtown Mile-Long Mall." With its natural resources including its friendly residents, come and see why Avon Park is fast becoming a well-known secret!

The APCC sponsors a variety of special events, community luncheons,  and fundraisers throughout the year related to member levels which nurtures the spirit and pride of our community.  We strive to serve as a catalyst that brings together all parts of  Avon Park with our members, City and County governments, the School District and other organizations with each other – as friends and potential clients.  We also provide networking opportunities, access to training options and a wealth or resources to meet our membership needs.


  • Opportunities to meet people: It is “people” who want to know your organization and business services, but ultimately people want to “know you” and not just read “about” you. Chambers are all different but similar in that they promote your business.
  • Chambers create opportunities to network with people that have similar goals and concerns in serving Avon Park and the Highlands County region.
  • As a member listed in a member directory  (on line website and hard copy) on social media platforms and other event publications, members gain important visibility and brand strengthening.
  • Google and other popular search engines recognize Chambers as reputable sites in key word searches  and SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Members are given business referrals and can sponsor events that assist them with their public relations efforts, visibility, branding and marketing efforts. APCC helps to promote a business voice with other regional governments and business communities.
  • As member or volunteer with your local US Chamber of Commerce you are: associated with an historical United States business organization.  The Avon Park Chamber of Commerce was established in 1904 and is aligned with credibility and positive community visibility
  • According to an American Business Magazine article, a Shapiro Group study concluded that when consumers know that a small business is a member of their local chamber of commerce, they are 44 percent more likely to think favorably of it and 63 percent more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.

The Avon Park Chamber of Commerce, governed by our APCC Board of Directors, offers a wide range of assistance and services to area visitors, residents and businesses. The Chamber answers thousands of requests each year by phone, mail, and walk-in visitors. The first inquiry of the day may be someone asking directions to a street or business; the next could be a business wishing to relocate to the area, or needing demographic information. A progressive Chamber must act as the "Front Door to the Community" and be ready to assist with each request promptly and efficiently.  The Avon Park Chamber strives to answer each request in this manner. 

The more than 200 member businesses of the Avon Park Chamber of Commerce represent many aspects of the business world.  From local retail trade to manufacturing and international exporting. For the resident, the Chamber of Commerce is a reliable source of community and government information, and a dependable resource for business referrals.  General information and business referrals are available by phone (863) 453-3350 during office hours Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Chamber office, located at 28 East Main St., is stocked with a variety of brochures, maps and information about our city. We welcome visits from business people, residents and tourists alike.

The City of Avon Park, founded in 1886, is known as "The City of Charm," "The City of Champions", and "Home of the Mile Long Mall" where the center of our Downtown Business District is located. Avon Park is home for over 10,000 residents that enjoy the many employment and recreational opportunities in our community.

The City of Avon Park operates under a city manager form of government who operates under the direction of an elected four-member council and mayor. In addition to excellent police and fire departments the city also provides water and sewer service to its residents.  Avon Park is a family town with family values where our youth are considered our most important asset. These values are reflected in our schools, our youth sports activities, our churches, and most importantly our homes.

Whether you enjoy fishing, boating or other water sports; golfing at one of the area courses; hiking, biking, or just relaxing; you are sure to find just what you’re looking for here in Avon Park our "City of Charm." From its mile long mall highlighting the downtown, to the businesses and activity along US 27, Avon Park people always take the time to welcome visitors and to lend a helping hand. Ours is a growing city… one that grows on you!  Should you require any further information or want to know more about Avon Park, call the Chamber office at 863-453-3350 or stop by our office located at 28 East Main Street on the "Mile Long Mall."

George Karos

Executive Director

Avon Park Chamber of Commerce

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